I want my clothing to be smarter…

I’m a pretty utilitarian guy when it comes to my wardrobe and on most days, a t-shirt and jeans will do me just fine. But even I want my clothing to be smarter….

Why can’t a virtual wardrobe of clothing items I own live for me in the cloud based on taking photos of my sales receipts?

My phone knows where I am, where I’ll be and the current weather forecast, can’t appropriate items be recommended to me? Whenever I travel somewhere I end up having to Google the weather, largely to determine what to pack. Why can’t I just get told what I’ll need?

Using image recognition, why can’t I easily find pictures of other people wearing a garment I own in order to get ideas for outfits?

Why won’t retailers offer ‘gift tag’ options where a gift message is sewn into the shirt next to product information tags. I’d love to personalize in this fashion and think it’d be neat to pull a shirt out of the closet and be reminded that my wife bought it for me.

Once an item is in my virtual wardrobe, can I be told where to purchase more of the same item, or recommendations for items like it?

Soon my shirt will be able to monitor my health metrics and give me reports over time. Cross-reference that with my calendar and I’ll be able to figure out what activities and people stress me out the most.

How’d you like to see your clothing improve?