Tech Reporters Should Disclose Whether They Actually Used The Product They Reviewed

A canned demo. A press release. A few screenshots. All too often a tech reporter gets some combination of these to write their post about a new product or feature. Sometimes though the product is already available but it feels as if the reporter didn’t even use it before rushing to file a story. These paper-thin posts usually provide very little insight into the product and rarely make a case for why it will or won’t be successful.

Earlier today I bemoaned on Twitter that tech reporters should publish their user name along with a review. That way we can publicly check out their usage and interactions. If not applicable perhaps state how long they used the product.
Trevor Gilbert of Pando Daily stepped up and committed to doing this more often. That’s awesome and I hope more journalists follow his lead. And that founders & PR professionals respect these sorts of actions as proof they’ll get a fair shake from someone who gets hands-on with their product. Trevor is one of the hardest working young reporters out there and I applaud his hustle.