Twitter #Discover: Your First Click or Last Click?

Twitter’s #Discover tab continues to evolve as some speculate that average users will eventually use it as a default landing page (vs an underpopulated home feed). In other words, #Discover will be their first click.

While this might be true, I’m gonna suggest that they’re also looking to make it your “last & lazy click” – the tab you go to post-feed consumption. Since the #Discovery redesign, I do find myself visiting it more often (although I still long for a native version/integration of Pocket in its place) 
#Discovery doesn’t bring me to Twitter but it’s becoming something I check before I leave, even if it rarely produces incremental clicks. Interestingly this is only the case on iOS where it’s a simple tap and I’m already in Twitter’s walled garden before I change to another app. On web where I have multiple tabs open, another site is almost always preferable.
Nice job @sm and team!