"Data Magician PhD" looking for HELLS YEAH Job in Bay Area

Want a Data Magician? Sean Summers [LinkedIn, Blog, PhD work page incl contact info] is looking to move back from Zurich and interested in a gig. I actually don’t know Sean but how we connected is a fun story. On Saturday I tweeted about a new 2013 goal of mine: get my friends from MEH jobs to HELLS YEAH gigs. Sean responded and we exchanged a few emails. Since I haven’t work with him, I can’t vouch for Sean, but I think it’s cool he’s willing to put himself out there like this. Here’s some of his self-description:

Essentially, I’m a data magician with a conscience. Math, logic, and creativity (craziness) are my tools.

I am definitely open to a venture that would allow me 
– to support my family (unless my wife can take care of that, she’s working on it 🙂 )
– to return to San Francisco
– to work passionately on a project that I can’t stop thinking about
– to be part of a smallish team that is attempting to build something incredible

– I grew up in California, I am a US citizen
– I got my BS in Aerospace Engineering from UCSD
– I worked on the GlobalHawk Unmanned Aircraft (control systems group) at Northrop
– I quit that job, moved to Barcelona, and bummed around Europe for 6 months on the $6000 I had saved up
– Got my MS from UCSD, decided I liked research and wanted to return to Europe
– I’ve been in Zurich 5 years and will defend my PhD Thesis next month
– 5 years may seem long, but I have enough material for 3 PhD dissertations in 3 different fields
– Lastly, yes, I know machine learning, I can apply the algorithms, I have the ability to understand all the mathematics behind the algorithms so I know when it’s all BS. It’s all just function approximation and optimisation anyways.
If anyone contacts Sean please let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!!