VC Firms Don’t Back You, VC Partners Do

Have you ever tried to hug a company? It’s kinda tough. They don’t have arms. And total Ken doll down below. That is to say, COMPANIES ARE NOT PEOPLE. So it always surprises me when founders say “I raised money from [VC firm name]” and not “I raised money from [person] at [VC firm name].”

“Semantics” you might say and “bullshit” I’d definitely reply. By genericizing the relationship between you and your investors, you’re losing the opportunity to build a sense of personal responsibility and obligation between your sponsor and yourself. This is especially relevant within large partnerships and when a traditional venture capitalist is investing in your seed round. 
In fact I’d go so far as to say at the seed round you’re definitely NOT taking money from a firm but a person, because you need that one person to make an important set of implied commitments: to work with you hands-on despite the relative small size of their investment compared to overall fund; to help you build a narrative towards your A Round so that their firm will participate, perhaps even lead. The opposite is true – if there’s not a named investment professional on your deal who you can trust will be your advocate, don’t take that money.
So founders, when recounting your investors – on your website, in conversation and especially with the investors themselves – don’t say you took money from a firm, you took it from a person.