Should Instagram Turn Twitter Cards Back On?

Six months have passed since Instagram turned off their Twitter card support in order to drive clicks back to their website. Since that time both services have continued to grow and launched support for video products. Personally, my Instagram usage has gone down as a result but obviously Facebook is willing to take a short-term hit in order to build longterm brand and native service value.

But I think it’s worth asking the question: Should Instagram Turn Card Support Back On?

One idea: they should, but only for Instagram Video. Make the videos playable in line in order to try and deliver another blow to Vine’s popularity. My experience with YouTube suggests that you can still get people to click over to a video webpage once they’ve seen the video in order to watch it in larger, higher quality or see related videos.

If Instagram went this path do you think Twitter would approve the implementation? You can see Twitter saying “nope, it’s all or nothing. Support cards for both videos AND pictures, or not at all.” This could be done under the umbrella of wanting to create a consistent user experience for Instagram links.

What do you think – should Instagram turn Twitter Cards back on?