Announcing: Homebrew, A Seed Stage Fund for The Bottom Up Economy

Earlier this year I wrote about leaving Google for something new. Well, newness has launched. Excited to share Homebrew, a seed stage venture fund created by me and my good friend Satya Patel. Homebrew seeks to back amazing entrepreneurs building in the Bottom Up Economy. What’s the Bottom Up Economy? Basically the concept that individuals and SMBs are leveraging technology to drive economy innovation and growth. Teams of 5, 50, 500 able to disrupt companies 10-100x their size. And the conviction that entrepreneurism is the solution to job growth and economic empowerment worldwide. You can read much more about our thesis here.

Personally, Homebrew is exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my career. Working closely with extraordinary founders on ideas that stimulate and amaze me. Building an institution that goes all-in when it makes an investment. Create a way for other great operators turned professional early stage investors to join us in future funds. And expose my daughter to the dream of building something from scratch.

We’ve got a lot of work to do but as a wise man once said, I Love It When a Plan Comes Together