Wanted: Crowdsourced List of Celebs & Their Official Social Media Accounts

Here’s what I want: a simple way to look up any celebrity/politician/athlete/public figure and see which social media sites they have accounts on with links to their official accounts. I want to be able to meta-follow a celebrity via this site to be alerted when they create a new account (eg “Rihanna just joined Vine at acct <link>”). And I’d like to see in the listing their last publish date for the site in order to tell whether they are active.

Pretty sure you could crowdsource this list via superfans. If not as a standalone site, it would be a good addition to IMDB or Wikipedia. I’d prefer it to not be part of TMZ, etc because those pages are so heavy with images, ads and bulky site templates.

Does this exist yet? Why not?

One thought on “Wanted: Crowdsourced List of Celebs & Their Official Social Media Accounts

  1. Good idea. Muckrack.com has done a hell of a job doing this exact thing for reporters. They’ve refined their system and I think they totally nail it. With Muckrack, PR folks and brands pay for this aggregation, with sports and celebrities you would need to make money in some other way as I don’t see consumers paying for this kind of automation. Perhaps it’s just a platform that’s built and sold to ESPN.

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