Web Rings For The Win! Adding Zemanta Tech Circles to My Blog

Buffy the Vampire Slayer web ring. That was a fundamental early web experience for me. I remember the Mosaic browser. I remember my first set of alt newsgroup subs. And I remember the community which came from a bunch of like-minded websites sharing their community. So earlier this summer when Zemanta’s Jeff Reine said he was working on a way to create the modern web ring, I was sold.

The Tech Circle web ring went live last month on Fred Wilson’s blog and immediately Zemanta became a Top 5 daily driver of traffic to hunterwalk.com. Not just to any old page, but contextual links when a post of mine matched the topic being discussed on Fred’s blog, or one of the other sites in the network. Communities thrive when people pay in, not just withdraw, and I’ve added Tech Circle here as well. For example, look at my piece about interacting with VCs and you’ll find a few references down below to other relevant posts.

Hope you enjoy and thanks to Jeff + the Zemanta team for making this happen!