Beware the Reasonable Plan

After a pitch I’m sometimes left with the feeling “well, that was a perfectly reasonable plan to build a business.” That sentiment always almost results in a pass. Why? Because the reality is I fear a reasonable plan. A perfectly reasonable plan usually represents a low risk path towards a forecastable outcome. An outlandish plan offered by founders with twinkles in their eyes is much more appealing to venture economics where I’m seeking large multiples on an initial investment.

Same thing when an entrepreneur tells me the rate of interest on a convertible note (aside, notes definitely decreasing these days. YC SAFE and priced rounds increasing). A venture investor who cares about the rate of interest on your note is a warning sign. 6% on my $600k investment after 18 months is a loss. Don’t even make me think you are considering not raising more money and paying off my note.

Please show me more unreasonable plans and tell me why you’re the only team with a shot of making it happen.

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