My First 15 Minutes of Work Each Day

So with the year halfway gone, I’m taking a look at how I schedule my time. Semi-related, was charting some of my daily “workflows.” Here’s the first 15 work minutes of my day, which usually occurs ~6:30am PT. What do your first 15 minutes of work look like?

Get up and grab my phone:

1. Check Techmeme site to see read new headlines.

2. Open Nuzzel app to see what my friends have shared. Save anything interesting to Pocket.

3. Open Twitter app and look through “Mentions” tab from whilst I slept. Respond/fav.

4. Open Mailbox app for email.

First pass – archive everything new that’s not important.

Second pass – open & respond to anything which can’t wait until I kiss my daughter (she’s either still sleeping or with my wife by this time). Usually it’s < 5 messages.

Third pass – read The Skimm newsletter to catch me up on top news stories from the past day.

5. While I’m on home wifi, update Reeder for my RSS feeds.


Disclosure: I’m an investor in Nuzzel and The Skimm via my venture fund Homebrew