The Trust Economy?

“I’m one of those people who thought Airbnb would never work.” That’s the provocative opening line in David Brooks’ recent op-ed about trust and the emerging peer economy. Brooks finishes by theorizing “we’re probably entering a world in which some sectors, like energy, retain top-down regulatory regimes. Other sectors, like bake sales, are unregulated. But more sectors, like peer-to-peer, exist in a gray zone in between.”

At Homebrew we’ve also spent time looking at what comes after top-down industrial capitalism. Our conviction is so strong that we’ve coined our interest the Bottom Up Economy, which focuses on how individuals, teams and small-medium enterprises leverage tech for new marketplaces, revenue streams and efficiency. For example, Layer brings a communication API to developers, Shyp is the easiest way to ship anything and UpCounsel is building the world’s largest law firm out of high quality, independent lawyers.

Anyway, check out the Brooks editorial.