Homebrew investment The Skimm raises $6m+ Series A

Yesterday The Skimm (everyone’s favorite morning newsletter) announced their $6m+ Series A. Homebrew led their seed financing in 2013 and enthusiastically continued our participation in this latest round.

As an investor I’m often asked about my “favorite” companies and have written before about how much I dislike the question. That said, The Skimm does belong in a special subset: startups where we were the sole institutional lead in the seed financing. Although we always invest with a diverse syndicate and usually have a co-lead VC, as partners of conviction, we’re not afraid to write the largest check on our own when we believe in the founders and the company. Sometimes this situation results because the founders only want a single large investor. Sometimes it’s because the round is already filled with good individuals and there isn’t enough left for us to split the remaining with a partner. And sometimes it’s because we’re believers ahead of the market.

The Skimm founders have written a bit about their early experiences with some VC firms who asked questions that ranged from strange to offensive. So to see them chased by many investors once the venture space got conviction around the power of The Skimm and Carly and Danielle’s strengths as founders…. let’s just say it was personally satisfying for me. And we’re so glad that the partner they chose was Steve Schlafman at RRE, someone who had started building a strong, respectful relationship with The Skimm before they had even launched.