New Homebrew Investment Pillow Lets Short-Term Rental Hosts & Guests Sleep Easy

Today, Pillow announced their seed financing which we led in 2014 along with a great syndicate including our friends at Sherpa Ventures and Homebrew advisor Lee Linden. Pillow works to solve some pain points for the short-term property rental market, namely how to make it easier for home owners to earn predictable income from their property and know the operational components of hosting (cleaning, supplies, etc) will be taken care of professionally. A Pillow-serviced property also provides guests peace of mind that their stay will be wonderful.

We share a bit more background on our investment via the Homebrew blog and is also nicely summarized in this SF Chronicle article about Pillow’s funding:

“That merging of online and real-world operations is one of the most exiting startup trends of the past few years,” said Hunter Walk, a partner at Homebrew, which led the seed round. He thinks Pillow can help increase Airbnb listings by handling all the hassles for hosts. “Your average busy person may not want to take on the operational burden of cleaning, managing and essentially becoming a sole proprietorship,” he said.

So if you are a property owner in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and you want to see what Pillow can do for you – including an income guarantee – check them out.