Homebrew Investment: eero Home WiFi

It’s fun investing in things that people want. And with today’s launch of eero, the best solution for home WiFi, it seems the founders aren’t alone in wanting better home connectivity. As we write on the Homebrew blog:

Increasingly the modern household has numerous devices which rely on strong, consistent internet connectivity. First it was work productivity and entertainment – laptops, streaming music and video – but increasingly it’s our thermostats, kitchen appliances and security cameras. “Smart” devices can’t be smart if they’re offline.

eero is building a hardware and software solution to create a smart mesh network within your home. We’re proud to play a supporting role in their financing. Learn more and preorder at geteero.

One thought on “Homebrew Investment: eero Home WiFi

  1. Nice. Agreed. It’s an aggravation that i just had to work around with Sonos, Air conditioner, Home alarms, TV’s, Computers, Phones…Total pain.

    Good luck!

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