Ok, Here Are My Fall 2015 Calendar Experiments

Most of you will find this post boring so stop reading. Okay, for those still with me: while sharing a bunch of links around time management I offered to note some of the changes I’m making to my calendar, if anyone was interested. Well at least 12 of you said “yes,” so….

I do a twice-annual calendar refactoring, trying to break bad habits that I may have fallen into and also experimenting with a few changes that I believe could lead to a more productive and happier state. Here are a few examples of what I’m currently implementing across the three basic categories that I look to balance. These aren’t exhaustive statements about my 24/7 but rather tweaks, modifications and resolutions.

My Playbook: Get Better at What I Do at Homebrew

Problem: Projects which require 2-6 hours of work time never get done because there are no work blocks I’m setting aside of that length.

Solution: Every other Friday I’m going to try and set aside 12-5pm to work offsite on 1-2 projects

Problem: Homebrew events strategy was stagnating because the events I wanted to do were getting too big, expensive and complex

Solution: Going back to small, thematic, off-the-record dinners where 8-10 people (from portfolio and outside) get together to discuss a particular topic of interest. Do at same restaurant every time for logistical ease and price negotiation opportunity.

Grow the Pie (hw: my shorthand for being a good tech community member)

Problem: Value time in future lower than time today. Found myself agreeing to meetings 2-6 weeks out because calendar had space, only to be overwhelmed and out of priority when time came.

Solution: If I wouldn’t do it this week, say no. I’ll try other ways to help (over email, phone calls while I drive) but will need to decline more conversations which aren’t in service of our investments or potential investments. I still believe in paying it forward so will need to find other ways to scale. 

Problem: I commit to replying to any cold email at least once, but was increasingly replying just-in-time, which inappropriately raised the priority of these replies.

Solution: I now label and archives these and set aside 60m slots on Tuesday and Thursday nights to respond. So you’ll still hear back from me, just not always within 24 hrs, but hopefully always within three days or so.

Health, Energy & Sustainability

Basically some schedule changes to encourage me to start exercising again, pick up my kid from school more often and be a better husband 🙂

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  1. Love it, especially “if you wouldn’t do it this week, say no” … I’ll apply that to work AND going on dates 😉

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