Finally, The Walk Has Come Back to 20 Minute VC


FINALLY, THE WALK HAS COME BACK TO 20 MINUTE VC!!!! Wait, ok, so until this most recently episode, I’d actually never appeared before on Harry Stebbing’s 20 Minute VC podcast but it felt momentous to me and Harry for two reasons:

  1. We’d talked about it for a long time. Harry says he was “stalking” me, which might be a little dramatic….
  2. Harry let me turn the tables on him at the end by becoming the interviewer and asking questions. He better not have edited it out!

Download here:


Here are some of the topics we discussed ->

1.) How Hunter made the transition from Google to VC with the founding of Homebrew?

2.) How does Hunter view the bridge round? Does he agree with Mike Maples @ Floodgate in stating, ‘it is often not a bridge but a pier to nowhere’?

3.) How does Hunter look to package his portfolio companies for the next round of investors? Does Hunter agree with Jason Lemkin in stating, ‘the best investors are those that specifically know the metrics required to achieve the next round’?

4.) Why does Hunter not believe there is a Series A crunch? How can founders look to describe their story in a narrative that is attractive for VCs? What one trait does Hunter look for in founders more than any other?

5.) What is the biggest challenge in the coming year for Hunter with Homebrew? How does he measure his success as a VC?

Thanks Harry. I hope I brought it.