In Living Color: Pantone’s Palette and Popular Culture

Forget “person of the year,” how about “color of the year?” #MAGA Red would definitely win for 2015 and it seems somewhat fitting that only a year before that, the blackest black possible was invented (and subsequently licensed by an artist for his exclusive use).


This NYTimes article on color king Pantone was just plain fun – filled with lush tones and genesis stories for the seminal colors of our recent history.


It’s also a business story, noting how the company has expanded their own brand into Pantone notebooks, products and even a children’s book. Seriously, this children’s book is gorgeous. No judgment if you order it for yourself!


Colors impact us in ways we’re not always conscious of – for example, pink prisons result in fewer behavioral issues for incarcerated juveniles. There’s been other research about red, blue and green offices walls being best for sales, collaboration, conflict resolution respectively. So when you go back to your office on Monday, consider what tone your tones are setting. And maybe go all Vamp?

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