Some Homebrew Portfolio News

Cribbing from the Homebrew blog to just share some nice portfolio news:

“Proud to have supported this company since their earliest days” is how VCs coyly signal that they were in early before the rocketship company was off the launch pad. Well, three startups that we’re proud to have supported since their earliest days announced substantial financings recently. Yeah, we had conviction years ago. And yeah, they’re all looking like great, savvy picks. But the congrats goes to these teams, not us. From the CEOs on down, these teams have been working incredibly hard to build companies they’re proud of. Durable companies delivering real value to customers. And eventually, outcomes that will change the lives of their teams, not just their investors. Congrats to the teams at Bowery, Plaid and Weave!

Bowery – The Modern Farming Company

Raised $90m Series B

They’re Hiring (NYC/NJ)

Plaid – The Technology Layer for Financial Services

Raised $250m Series C

They’re Hiring (SF and Remote)

Weave – Patient Communication Software

Raised $37.5m Series C

They’re Hiring (Salt Lake City, UT)