How I’m Handling The First Phase Of 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates

November 3rd, 2020 might be 600+ days away (638 actually), but I’m, gulp, looking forward to a process to select the Democratic party nominee. The next few quarters are likely to be a lot of noise, some surprises, fleeting fascinations and a ton of infrastructure built to support a full campaign. One perspective would be to just wait this phase out unless there’s a single candidate – or issue – you overwhelmingly believe in, but that’s a bit too reactive for me. So instead here’s what I’m doing:

Support Multiple Candidates With Small Money: I’m contributing $50-$500 to any candidate who I personally find to be compelling. So far I’ve made three donations : Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris.

Learn More About Candidates Personal Stories & Leadership Style: Booker, Buttigieg and Harris are all familiar’ish to me from their positions on state and national stages. Elizabeth Warren I’ve never met, but feel like I understand her motivation for running and respect her public service. Although they haven’t declared yet, I’m intrigued by Amy Klobuchar and John Hickenlooper.

Help Grassroots Groups Continue to Scale: One of the most encouraging reactions to the 2016 election was the emergence of new energy in the progressive base. There are many groups which deserve our time and dollars. For me, Flippable, Swing Left, Indivisible, and Run for Something are the platforms I’ve been most involved with.

Use My Wiccan Magic To…

  • Tank Sanders: Really, come on dude.
  • Convince Biden to Run… 
  • …and Bloomberg To Not (but fund DEMS)

Keeping My Mueller Candle Wick Dry

I’ve got an early prediction on what the ticket will be, but that’s just for my Slacks with Satya.