Wait, Did Amazon Just Build Their Version of Westworld? No, Of Course Not But…

Now it all makes sense! Bezos’ post about his penis and HQ2 dramatic break up with New York City was all just a con man’s swerve, a magician’s distraction, to cause us to look one way while the real story happened under our noses (and keyboards): Amazon built their Westworld!

As we now know, the plot conceit of Westworld is that there’s a corporation mapping our every desire to build the ultimate marketing database! Yes, that’s right Dolores, Delos is just another adtech play

So what am I supposed to think upon reading that Amazon has released a Sandbox MMO game? That this is just another way to build value into its Prime offering? Sorry n00b, but no.

By design a sandbox game is meant to provide open-ended exploration where a player’s true nature helps them pick a path of enjoyment, and which over time, their “player type” is revealed by their actions.

Now maybe you’re thinking “Hunter, you’ve lost it. Get out of the QAnon subreddits and come back to us,” but I’m not crazy, I’M NOT CRAZY…

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