Travel Gadgets For Phone/Mac Charging: May 2019 Updates

I’m a sucker for travel gadgets and when it comes to these discussions, Peter Pham is my Human Wirecutter. We recently had a FB thread about portable chargers and collecting the recommendations here:

Added June 2019: Anker 60W 2-port USB C Charger.

Ten One Design’s Blockhead Mac Side Charger is indispensable for making your MacBook charging cable work on airplanes or in other tight places.

61W USB C Power Charger is one of Pham’s picks. Weighs just over 5oz and “it’s small and light. Output is 61W usbc PD and if both ports being used still 45W! It’ll charge your Mac, switch, pixel etc.”

The Power Bagel is a multiport, grounded, international friendly charging hub!

Anker PD1 30W USB C is small but mighty

Tech Armor 3 in 1 Charging Cable – what can I say, Peter is into some kinky shit.

Lastly, my friend Nick endorses this 45W GaN Charger, which he says uses the newest approach to charging.