Women’s Health & Women’s Rights Are One In The Same

Satya and I signed Homebrew on to an effort called VCsForRepro alongside ~100+ other investors representing over $100b in AUM. The organizers did a great job pulling together a coalition of folks willing to say that the ability for women to make choices about their reproductive lives is pro-health, pro-business, and pro-innovation.

We may not all hold the same beliefs when it comes to this issue – I don’t even assume that my specific feelings here are shared across the other signees – but the autonomy of an individual and the rights previously granted under law are quite meaningful to me. It’s too bad more of the traditional top VCs didn’t join this effort. That’s one reason that we never wanted Homebrew to get large – you lose the ability to live your values cohesively and consistently.

Thanks as well for TechCrunch coverage to get the word out.