Killing The ‘Must Have a Warm Intro To a VC’ Myth Will Be Good For Founders and Great for the World

Why I’m Participating in SeedChecks’ “Submit Your Deck” Community

We’ve never believed in hiding. Our email addresses are on our website, and there’s no junior staffer or AI Bot replying on our behalf. A strong Cold Email always beats a weak Warm Email. And we’ve backed successful startups where the relationship began exactly this way. So, yeah, we’re believers in being accessible and open to founders regardless of whether or not we share an existing network.

That’s why I’m participating in SeedChecks, an experience by which you can submit your pitch deck to a group of early stage investors without having to know any of us already. Everyone looks at your information separately and follows-up if there’s potential for mutual fit. It’s not a groupthink exercise and there’s no collusion, although hopefully maybe some collaboration as I’ve personally co-invested with many of the folks in the group.

Will opportunities like SeedChecks be the death of the warm intro? Of course not, but we’re all committed to the idea that now more than ever, great founders can be anywhere and anyone. So please consider submitting your materials if you’re looking to raise your first round of capital.