Apple insists TV is a ‘hobby’ but listening to their ‘gut’

Apple COO Tim Cook this week said “Apple will continue to invest in its Apple TV set-top box “hobby,” despite its relatively low popularity.” Why? “We’re continuing to invest in it because our gut tells us there’s something there.” Yes, the “SOMETHING” is a $100b advertising market and an equal amount of money spent on content.
He continued to state they had no interest in making TVs. Double-speak. They’re not going to make TV, they’re going to make large computer monitors w/ an OS and chipset.
This is no different than if Apple insisted they’re not interested in netbooks and then launch the ipad. They’re never interested in an existing category. They’re interested in creating a new product which displaces an existing category.

The next AppleTV will probably be a TV

Does anyone else think that v2 or v3 of AppleTV is not going to be just a box but instead a TV (or technically a tv-sized internet connected monitor running a native OS)? If Apple is truly going to close the circuit they need a large screen in the living room. An AppleTV-style buddy box or mac mini plugged into a HD TV isn’t going to cut it.  Tablet is a great intimate media device that continues to make media portable, but even w/ a stand, it’s not going to replace five hours a day of lean back. iPhone/tablet/touch become remotes.