One Step for Man: Fitbit First Impressions

Been rocking a Fitbit for the last few days (small pedometer that you can sync w/ a website). Initial thoughts:

1. Must merge w/ phone
Unless you’re buying a device to wear specifically during exercise, the general purpose use case of next generation pedometers has to be integrated w/ your mobile phone or a thin cardlike device i can keep in my wallet. I’m already carrying both those around and remembering to add a third device is asking a bit much.

2. Even a small amount of data produces behavior change
I do find myself wanting to walk more in order to meet my “step goal” of 10k/day (subjected a coworker to a meeting where i decided to circle the conference room during our meeting). Motion and movement is part of our DNA but modern life slows us down. Nassim Nichloas Taleb (Black Swan author) recently penned an essay about why he walks everywhere. And NYTimes talked about the “caveman” movement where diet and exercise is modified to better resemble our neanderthal ancestors.