Google Gear: Synchilla in July

A light green fleece jacket with subtle google logo = awesome. Getting it at an event in the middle of 90 degree NYC July weather? Weird.

We gave out these jackets to a bunch of notable CMOs who attended an event in New York summer of 06. I attended to discuss online video. Stayed on the east coast for a wedding, passing up a ride on the Google plane back to MV.

Google Gear: Grease Monkey

Normally with tech when you hear “grease monkey” you think Firefox extension. But in this case it was the Google Demo Garage at the 2007 Zeitgeist conference. Various product managers demo’ed their stuff to our VIP crowd. We were issued Google Mechanic shirts to pair with our garage motif.

Google Gear: Dance Dance 05

With this year’s Google Dance coming up in a few days (a party which corresponds with a Silicon Valley search engine marketing conference), seemed okay to revive the “Google Gear” thread and share some more items from my closet. Here’s the 2005 Google Dance shirt – a gem with its bright yellow fabric and groovy logo.

Google Gear: I like to watch

Two of the Google Video t-shirts. These always irked me because they lacked our URL, which you’d think might be but is actually T-shirts like this should always have a URL visible. Okay, rant over, return to watch video clips.

Google Gear: My first shirt

It’s looks like a plain black t-shirt, but oh it’s so much more. This was the first piece of clothing Google ever gave me, and I wasn’t even an employee yet.

I think it was early 2001 and there was some event at Stanford. It was nuclear winter for internet and my wardrobe was suffering because of it (no free t’s). But Google was just starting to gain steam and it had 100% cotton for me.