We are the new MTV

We are the new MTV. By “we” i’m not referring to YouTube but rather each one of us creating our own music videos. I stumbled this morning into the world of TiK ToK lip dubs and it’s awesome (Tik ToK = incredibly popular song by Ke$ha).

Awesome for fans (viewers): As a video viewer i get to have a communal experience w/ other Ke$ha fans – their enthusiasm is contagious and gives me more emotional reference points for the song. And that’s what music is all about – how it makes you feel.

Awesome for fans (video creators): “Hi Ke$ha, i want to use your song in my video – how much will this cost?” That phone call could never take place but via YouTube ContentID we’ve essentially created a microlicensing platform. The video creator uses a song they like, then our ID technology identifies the song for the music label and allows them to take it down or monetize it via ads or “click to buy this song” links.

Awesome for artists: These girls are identifying and projecting themselves with Ke$ha – i gotta believe as an artist you’d be incredibly charged to connect w/ you audience in this intimate a way. Proof? Ke$ha has favorited dozens of these on her own channel.

Awesome for labels: They get fans creating and popularizing hundreds of free commercials for their artist, watched by millions of people. And accompanied by an ad or a solicitation to buy this song.