Husky voices and corner offices

Scariest movie of 2004? Not The Grudge. Not Dawn of the Dead. Not even emaciated Olsen twins in New York Minute. For me, and my deep professional insecurities, it was In Good Company, the story of a middle-aged sales exec who finds both his job and his daughter taken by a 26-year old executive.

While the film never quite found its stride balancing between a corporate downsizing morality play and a feel-good father and surrogate-son relationship metaphor, i spent last night grinding my teeth in a restless slumber. You see, the movie raised my Triple Crown of fears – mortgages, kids and unemployment. I’ve just acquired the first, figure I’m on the path to the second, and luckily have never experienced the last (which doesn’t mean I’m not convinced it’s on the horizon later in my life). Shivers up my spine. Give me zombies any day.

Side note: Scarlett Johansen does a good job in a thin role (Director Paul Wietz does well with a whole range of male feelings in his films – American Pie, About a Boy, now this – but doesn’t really articulate women with the same depth) and is an absolutely stunning young woman but damn’ her voice is distracting. Too husky. Like she smoked a pack of cigs and washed them down with a shot of fiberglass insulation.