Actions without consequence (or "How to earn your PG-13")

Every holiday weekend deserves at least one guilty pleasure. Okay, two guilty pleasures, since i can’t let a 4th of July pass without watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.

Sunday night we went to see Mr and Mrs Smith not because we had high hopes for the films but because the stars are just so darn attractive. Unhumanly attractive. The type of attractive that makes an ordinary guy like myself wonder if we’re of the same species.

But strip away the glamour and what are you left with? Just about the most violent film i’ve seen in a really long time. Fists, bottles, guns, knives, rocket launchers, cars, just about anything that can be throw, shot or broken, is used as a weapon. This is a PG-13 movie?

Why yes because there wasn’t more than one curse word and no nudity in sexual situations. Instead you get lots of violence. But not graphic violence mind you, because the MPAA says that would be a R.

So what defines ‘graphic violence?’ Well, the MPAA is somewhat circumspect on putting any language around it but basically it comes down to blood and gore. Thus Mr and Mrs Smith has dozens of deaths, brawls and crashes, but barely any blood.

The result? A twisted morality play where violence without consequences in rated PG-13 (okay for kids) but violence with consequences is only for adults.

Huh? It’s like a fairy tale without the moral.