I want to give my money to Sirius

I want to give my money to Sirius but they won’t let me.

Having grown up on the East Coast I’ve been a happy Howard Stern listener for almost 20 years. No, i don’t really like the strippers and poop jokes, but the celebrity interviews, refreshing honesty and opinions on daily events are some of the best radio ever recorded. Howard is moving over to Sirius and I’d like to follow. But here’s what I want:

1) A portable Sirius radio
2) The ability to record programming (or in a perfect world, just download or stream via PC)

The newly released Sirius S50 was supposed to be my salvation, until a set of ridiculous restrictions neutered the device with arbitrary limits on recording. No recording more than two hours long, no more than 20 recordings, etc.

I will gladly pay 2x the monthly subscription cost. I’ll watermark my recordings and post a $1000 deposit to be forfeited if my recordings ever turn up on the web. I’ll tether them to my device with whatever DRM solution they want.

But no. Again, systems which assume everyone is guilty of bad behavior often incent what they hoped to prevent. So instead I’ll be combing fansites for MP3 downloads come January.