Chevy Chase is an Asshole

In response to being asked whether President Ford “made” Chevy’s career:

“The man who ‘made my career’ did not do ‘Fletch,’ did not do ‘Caddyshack,’ did not write for the Smothers Brothers before he wrote for ‘Saturday Night Live,’ did not write for 12 years before that and win Writers Guild awards,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Chevy Chase is an Asshole

  1. Chevy Chase is a moderately successful actor and writer. What makes anyone think he knows anything about politics above and beyond the average person. Did you notice how mean and nasty he is? Just like most democrats. If you disagree with them they want to decimate you. They can’t just disagree they are mean and hateful people

  2. Yes I did notice that when you disagree with Democrats, they get mean and hateful. I wonder why?

  3. if you read the article you’d know that actually he feels that he should known as the guy who regrettably ruined Ford’s career. morons.

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