Princess, Saint, Soulman, President, Dictator

One of the more morose parlor games I’ve played involves trying to decide who the two most famous people were to die within a week of each other. (These sorts of things stem from my mgmt consulting days when you had to amuse yourself during airplane delays, drives to the client site, etc).

Up until this past week it was clearly:

Princess Diana (Aug 31, 1997)
Mother Teresa (Sept 5, 1997)

But this past week has some new contenders — in your opinion do any of these two beat a princess and a saint?

James Brown (Dec 25, 2006)
Gerald Ford (Dec 26, 2006)
Saddam Hussein (Dec 30, 2006)

One thought on “Princess, Saint, Soulman, President, Dictator

  1. If you can have two from the same catagory…

    Benito Mussolini-April 28th 1945

    Adolph Hitler-April 30th 1945

    I think Mussolini was Prime Minister…

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