Wah Wah Digital Agencies Cry About Second Life

Forbes has an article on how Second Life is an uncontrolled environment for brands looking to reach consumers.

1. Surprise! It’s about users doing what they want. If you’re the type of company who wants to be on YouTube but doesn’t want users commenting on your videos, then don’t even think about Second Life where you might see a topless furry. Sure there’s only one topless furry for every 1,000 people but they’re around.

Fair point: because second life is so visual and in many ways tough to use, the time and expense that a brand needs to expend to manage their presence is higher than they’d like to commit.

2. Wah Wah to digital agencies who cry about their failure in Second Life. Second Lifers don’t want to drink your coffee, use your ATMs, stay in your hotel or buy your PC. Not unless you do something interesting and commit to the world. Seriously, I understand the fact you wasted your clients money might cause you to blame Second Life, but how about you set expectations clearly from the beginning, coach your clients and tell some of them that they shouldn’t go into SL if they’re not willing to experiment? And how about you come up with a better idea than a 3D replica of your company headquarters.

Update: Read about the good job that 1-800-Flowers is doing in SL.