5 thoughts on “iPhone’s 12th button

  1. Damn you Hunter. Just when I thought I could wait until iPhone V2 and their having worked the bugs out you go and do this?Can I upload too?I’m still dubious of cell phone video because of the dichotomy between handset size and screen size, but this is pretty cool.

  2. Hunter you da man. I had some thoughts that YouTube might die the usual acquisition death upon being acquired by Google, but you and your team’s involvement have really made a difference in pushing YouTube forward despite being potentially distracted by a lengthy acquisition integration process. Great job! Where can I join the Hunter Walk Fan Club? And can I get an engraved iPhone autographed by you?

  3. @Davethat would likely be a fan club of one (well, maybe three if you count my wife and my mom), but i’ll send you an application 🙂

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