YouTube gets Jay Mohr’s Action

It was a failed one-season show on Fox more than a decade ago but Jay Mohr as Hollywood superagent Peter Dragon in Action matched Ari Gold in great lines. Happily discovered that YouTube has the whole season for streaming. Some great cameos incl sandra bullock, keanu reeves, etc – definitely the Entourage of its day.

3 thoughts on “YouTube gets Jay Mohr’s Action

  1. One of the greatest quickly cancelled show of all time. Filled with brilliant one-liners, as well as a dead-on takedown of Hollywood, complete with some of the darkest humor ever. I have the DVD.

    As a bonus, probably more hooker jokes than any other TV show in history!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Caught a few episodes over the weekend and really enjoyed it…

    …also I’ve been tempted to use more profanity today than usual and I don’t think thats a co-incidence. 🙂

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