Peeps you should know: Jeff Gomez @ Starlight Runner

Had the chance to sit down last week with Jeff Gomez, the founder of Starlight Runner. Jeff was recently profiled in BusinessWeek for his unique approach to transmedia IP. Jeff works with media companies and brands to help build out original IP or refresh existing IP which can then be used for toys, movies, comics, games, etc.

For example, he helped Disney create the backstory around Pirates of the Caribbean, is assisting James Cameron in expanding Avatar from a concept into a world and helped Microsoft answer the question “just who is Master Chief.” Jeff has also worked with brands such as Coke. The stories he helps create result in more authentic brands and product lines which add hundreds of millions of dollars in additional sales.
We had the chance to swap visions of the future especially around how brands could get consumers involved in telling these stories.
I think my job is the greatest in the world, but Jeff’s might just be second best 🙂