Election Day Should Be a Holiday

Find it very strange that we take days off to celebrate past presidents but election day isn’t a holiday. As The Atlantic wrote in 1998, we could easily combine Election Day with Veterans Day in order to both symbolically and practically unite defending our freedoms w/ the act of voting.

In a time that seems to becoming more partisan and polarizing, perhaps increasing the voter turnout is the hedge against pandering to your base and the median voter. Perhaps every state would be in-play if we had 100% turnout every election.

One thought on “Election Day Should Be a Holiday

  1. I don't think voting should be an excuse for a holiday. It's a right, a privilege, and a duty. Nowhere in that description is there anything about it being holy or celebratory.People need to get off their asses and find a way to make it happen. Stop looking for excuses about why you can't vote, and just go do it.

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