Living the Sensory Life

Ok, with this post I’ve probably totally gone Californian but i want to share something i’ve been focused on this past week: living a sensory life. What exactly does that mean? Multiple times a day i try to pause and experience something sensory – the taste of what i’m eating, the way fabric feels under my fingers, a particular field of view. It’s amazing how much satisfaction you can get out of what might otherwise be an ordinary ignored event if you’re mindful about it.

One thought on “Living the Sensory Life

  1. I think this is the difference between living in an “at” state and living in a “through” state. I mean this in the context of a window or a font.

    You can choose to look (through) the window or you can choose to look (at) the glass itself.
    The same is true for fonts, you can either access the information (through) the words on the page or look (at) the font itself.

    Applying an (at) you senses is a nice thing to do – 🙂


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