Homebrew Funding Announcement: Primary, Brilliant Kids Clothes/Basics Under $25

It’s always a blast to help founders celebrate their startups. Today we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the launch of Primary. Premise is simple: There’s a gap in baby/toddler/kid clothing around high quality but affordable basics – you know, the stuff they wear, and wear-out, from 0-10 years old. Galyn and Christina, Primary’s founders, are thoughtful talented leaders who are no strangers to this market segment, having previously held leadership roles at Diapers.com.

As we note on the Homebrew blog:

Kids apparel brands are typically at two far ends of the spectrum – either high fashion and expensive or ordinary and of poor quality. There is no kids apparel brand that delivers the combination of quality, value and delight. Say hello to Primary.

Proud to not just be an investor In Primary, but with a little girl in our house, a customer as well!

Couple sidenotes:

1. We have four core investments in NYC (Primary, Managed by Q, The Skimm and one other to be announced). 50% of our NYC founders are female. Across the rest of the portfolio (SF, Salt Lake City) that number is regrettably zero. Looking forward to changing that ratio but great to see NYC leading the way.

2. This is our first co-lead with Michael Dearing (Harrison Metal). Satya and I have lots of respect for Michael and his background in commerce, marketing/branding, pricing is a huge win here for the team.

3. If you want one year of free shipping on Primary use promo code “HUNTER”