Homebrew Funding Announcement: Honor, Helping Seniors “Age in Place”

When we created Homebrew in Q1 2013 we did it with people like Honor CEO Seth Sternberg in mind. I’d met Seth several years earlier at David Hornik’s Lobby conference and immediately took a shine to his just build it, no bullshit attitude and quick mind. At the time he was growing Meebo, which later sold to Google for several hundred million dollars. Seth put his head down and worked hard at Google but it felt like he’d be back on the founding path in the future and I wanted to be there.

So it was with great excitement that we started talking last summer about his plans to start a company solving a meaningful problem: the aging of America’s population. Today he announced Honor, a technology company aiming to let seniors “age in place” in their familiar homes and neighborhoods. We put a post up on the Homebrew blog.

The Honor team is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a long time – a combination of people seth worked with at Meebo and Google plus rising stars attracted by the meaningful mission. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me they’ve quickly gone from concept to a beta launch this month. Just amazing.

Seth recently told me he plans to run this company for 20 years and that framework helps him think longterm. Homebrew will be right along Seth every step of the way.

Thanks Seth and team for giving us the chance to back you.