I Don’t Like Conferences But I Like Experiences. Trying WORLDZ.

INTP. That’s my Myers-Briggs type. The “I” stands for Introvert and it means I rarely enjoy conferences. Well, I enjoy a few hours of them each day but jut don’t find the 24/7 nature of them to be very fulfilling. So the ones which break through my “don’t make me go to this” shell usually have something other than the usual “opening keynote, panel panel panel, lunch, sponsored workshop, closing keynote, drinks” numbness.

My friend Roman Tsunder is not numbing. Quite the opposite, he’s intense, in an “I want you to be happy” type of way. When he throws events they’re never standard fare. From the earliest days of PTTOW I was introduced to people, thoughts and activities that broke from my Silicon Valley echo chamber. Such as when I got to watch Quest Crew really up close in 2009

This summer I’ll be attending WORLDZ, PTTOW’s sister conference. I don’t know exactly what to expect but am sure I’ll leave thinking differently about the world and my business. If you want to hang out there with me, you can register here.