This Week’s Best Podcast: Well Made’s “Getting Back to Basics”

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Giddy. That’s how I feel when I see two Homebrew portfolio companies hit it off and collaborate. Lumi is powering modern retail customer experience by supplying high quality, well-priced packaging. Primary clothes kids in fashionable, functional styles, all under $25. So together, they’re PB&J or chocolate peanut butter cups, or whatever your harmonious pairing of choice might be.

Galyn and Christina, Primary’s founders, recently appeared on Lumi’s podcast Well Made, hosted by their cofounder Stephan. It’s a wonderful listen – such a tribute to their partnership, clarity of vision and incredible execution. Loved it so much that I had a transcript made, in order to share some favorites portions below. Here’s the full doc.

The Importance of Great Cofounder Pairings

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Can Clothing Companies Be Technology Companies?

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There are a ton more gems in this podcast. Thanks to Christina, Galyn and Stephan for sharing it and for asking Homebrew to be part of your respective journeys!

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